Go Big or Go Home

William Hsieh, Front Page Editor

Senior assassins is the months-long competition where you try to eliminate your target with water while also evading your assassin. Although the chances of being the last player standing are slim, careful planning and strategy can bring almost anyone to victory.

Despite concerns about how far participants should go in order to try to win, playing seriously and going all out is the best way to enjoy the event and have the most fun, especially if all the hard work pays off.

People should buy water guns and goggles if they do not already have them, strategize with their friends to coordinate “kills” and stay in safe areas whenever possible.

On March 1, seniors traveled to Pavilion Park, In-N-Out and Top of the World for a senior assassins scavenger hunt. Those who were eliminated had a chance to get back into the game, and those still in the game won an advantage. Either way, it was a chance for seniors to bond with classmates.

“Me and three of my friends met up at Panera to do the hunt,” senior Kameran Mody said. “[The most memorable part was] racing to the [Top of the World] and rejoicing that we got back into the game, even though it was raining at the top.”

Trying your heart out by plotting your next kill and staying safe from assassins instead of going out to dinner with your friends may be the difference between getting eliminated and staying alive for another round. An easy way to get a kill is by camping outside someone’s house out of sight.

Although there may be some concerns about stalking people and violating privacy, these situations are rare. It is not necessary to have eyes on your target 24/7, but knowing what time they leave for school is useful.

Even if you do not end up winning, the best experiences come when you have truly dedicated your life toward getting your target out, staying alive or even getting trying to get back into the game. Spending more time on events like the scavenger hunt can elevate your playing experience.

“[The scavenger hunt] was really fun because of the adrenaline and how much was on the line for us to get back into the game,” Mody said. “At the end we had to run up the mountain where we had senior sunrise to be one of the first people there and get back in the game.”

By going all out and attending every event, you set yourself up for victory and the great experiences that come with it.

No matter the result, senior assassins is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Who knows – you may even end up winning it all.