Studying with Music is “Better Now”

Simrat Singh, Copy Editor

Schools and homes are filled with unique noises, whether they are distracting students as they discussing their grades or the TV playing in the other room as family members watch a show. Music is a perfect way to block out other noises and allows students to focus more on the task at hand.

“It [Music] does distract you, but what distracts you more than actual music is the stuff happening around you, and music distracts you from that, and it makes you focus on your work better,” freshman Jenny Won said. “If you are listening to a happy energizing song it gets you more hyped to study.”

Listening to movie soundtracks, for example, is often helpful as they are designed to engage the audience while still allowing the audience to focus on what is going on, which is homework in this case.

According to CBS News, “background music improves your mood and enhances perception while working” as “people generated the lowest quality of work — and took the longest to complete — without any music at all.”

However, not all music is beneficial to listen to when doing homework. It is important to have refined song choices that are specified to allow the student to focus on the work and not get caught up by aggressive or energetic lyrics.

“Listening to music is relaxing in the way that it cuts you off from what is happening around you, so it helps you focus as long as the music is not overly loud,” sophomore Leonardo Peña said. “I listen to a lot of Kendrick Lamar, especially his album ‘To Pimp a Butterfly,’ because the beats are very relaxing and the lyrics are not as loud or up in your face.”