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Senior Krishna Gade guards a Marina High player against advancing farther. “He was a big presence for us on the court,” head coach Brian Smith said. “More than that he was excited to be playing, he had basketball taken away from him, so he was enjoying being back out there.”

Senior Krishna Gade ‘Slam-dunked’ His Last Year Of High School Basketball With His Teammates After Facing Injury Repercussions

Nina Krish and Olivia Ganes | February 23, 2024

Center and senior Krishna Gade joined Portola High’s basketball program his freshman year, playing on the junior varsity team. After tearing both his ACL and meniscus in eighth grade, he grappled with...

Though BookTok encases a wide range of genres and titles, novels are often recommended more for their aesthetic rather than their content, according to Varsity. Many readers do not approach these books critically and can fall into harmful patterns of romanticization that bleed into real life. “I think that some books are promoted as romances when in fact theyre promoting a lot of toxic relationships that people are now perceiving as commonly acceptable,” senior Zara Hommez said. “So I think its important to draw the line between what is constituted as fiction and what is constituted as reality.”

Novel Sensations: Booktok Fans Should ‘Read Between the Lines’

Mary Lee and Catherine Li | February 23, 2024

Searching for a wildean fantasy, twisted dystopian epic or by-the-fireplace novella but just can’t find the one? Look no further than BookTok, the newest and most spellbinding obsession for readers across...

Wingstop’s show stopping fries are one of the highlights of the restaurant: “One of my favorite things is the seasoned fries,” sophomore Lee Gilat said. “Their flavors are addicting and you can always go back for more. They never get bland. It always tastes like something new is in your mouth even though it is the same flavor.”

Tiktok’s Most Popular Restaurant: Wingstop Bursts with Flavor and Excitement

Olivia Ganes and Nina Krish | February 22, 2024

Founded in the 90s, buffalo-style wing restaurant Wingstop surpassed its competitors in popularity in recent months, according to PR Newswire. Its innovative marketing and creative flavors helped build...

Unleashing Potential: Senior Jason Liu’s ‘Leap’ of Resilience Brings Long Jump Success

Unleashing Potential: Senior Jason Liu’s ‘Leap’ of Resilience Brings Long Jump Success

Madeline Chung | February 21, 2024

A sharp exhale marks the beginning of flight for senior Jason Liu. Limbs outstretched, he soars across the sandy expanse, sending a cascade of dust into the air upon landing. Liu’s journey in track...

Junior Joanna Peng utilizes a MacBook and iPad after school to work on assignments. One of Peng’s most used products is her iPad due to its versatility. Peng uses it as a computer using a magic keyboard and also uses it to draw and make calls. “Ive bought iPads since the first generation when it came out, [I’ve bought the] minis, and then I crashed [the iPad 3] under my table,” Peng said. “Its something that I continue to buy and continue to use most often in my life.”

Junior Joanna Peng’s Room is Ripe with Apple Products from Seed to Macintosh

Kayleen Kim and Kelly Yeh | February 21, 2024

In the softly lit ambiance of junior Joanna Peng's room, a corner dazzles with the presence of 40 meticulously arranged Apple products on a display case. An Apple TV, iPhone, AirPods, MacBooks and...

Portola High can implement a better rain protection system by opening up more space for students at school. “Because it’s a Southern California school, it’s an outdoor school, so there’s really not much to do to protect kids from the rain,” junior Lulu (Jingxin) Zhao said. “However, I think it would be good if we could open more classrooms during rainy days too, so kids don’t have to eat out in lunch or crowd in the gym.”

Rain, Rain Go Away: Advocating for School Protection

Maitri Allani and Claire Chan | February 20, 2024

We have all experienced the soggy wet socks when you step in a puddle, the soaked hair from spending too much time in the rain or even an umbrella flipping inside out from the intense winds soaking you...

Sophomore Jenny Park, sophomore Darin Nguyen and sophomore Andrew Zhang guide mentee and sophomore Justin Mach’s mallets when playing the marimba, Mach’s favorite instrument to play, according to Mach. “The big piece in the beginning is just building that rapport and trust between the mentees and the mentors,” education specialist Melody Resendez said. “If we can get that going in a year, that alone, its a huge accomplishment.”

United Sound ‘Amplifies’ Inclusivity in Music

Kayley Winata and Kelly Yeh | February 15, 2024

Every Thursday, the delicate rings of marimbas, joy-filled laughter and harmonizing cellos fill the music room. United Sound, a student-powered mentoring program dedicated to fostering inclusivity...

S4 Episode 03: Breaking the STEM Ceiling: Women Who Are Redefining Science

S4 Episode 03: Breaking the STEM Ceiling: Women Who Are Redefining Science

Kayleen Kim and Aditi Salunkhe | February 12, 2024

In honor of International Day of Women and Girls in Science, co-hosts Kayleen Kim and Aditi Salunkhe delve into the theme of empowering women in STEM during this episode of the Portola Pioneer. Join...

Academic Decathlon Scholastic participants compete in the Super Quiz at Westminster High on Feb. 3. Students wave flags to signify they got the correct answer to their teams cheering on the bleachers. “This really forces you to celebrate when other people know things, and that should be exciting for everyone,” Academic Decathlon coach Eric Graham said.

Academic Decathlon Teams Up for County-Wide Competition

Camille Clement | February 12, 2024

Portola High students competed in the Orange County Academic Decathlon Objective Testing and Super Quiz at Westminster High on Feb. 3. Academic Decathlon members from 34 high schools took 30 minute tests...

Irvine High student and under-secretary-general Eshika Abbaraju, secretary-generals junior Ruhi Samudra and senior Kayleen Kim and Irvine High student and under-secretary-general Ishaan Gaikwad speak at the opening ceremony. “Kayleen, for example, shes been in MUN since freshman year,” Wi said. “Ive been with her every step of the way every single year. Its just it makes me really happy for her that she can leave Portola knowing that shes helped start this tradition. And ever since I met Ruhi in MUN, shes just the person who gets things done and gets things done really well, but she will take absolutely no credit for it and wants no attention for it, and I just love those types of people.”

MUN Hosts First Conference in Collaboration with Irvine High

Maya Tedini, Opinion Editor | February 8, 2024

Model United Nations (MUN) hosted Portola High’s inaugural MUN Conference on Feb. 3 and won four awards. Freshman Morgan Liaw won a commendation award in the Novice World Health Organization (WHO)...

“Percy Jackson and the Olympians” premiered on Dec. 19, releasing weekly episodes until Jan. 30. The series is incredibly faithful to the book, only having subtle changes to accommodate for the pacing of a TV show. To ensure a seamless adaptation, Rick Riordan, the author of the books, was an executive producer and had unique input for how his writing would translate to the screen, according to Disney+.

Disney’s ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ Delivers a Mythical Marvel

Olivia Ganes and Mia Jong | February 7, 2024

“Percy Jackson and the Olympians” is a lightning bolt of excitement for Disney+ and Hulu viewers alike, proving that Greek myths from more than 2,700 years ago and family drama are a binge-worthy combination....

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