eBooks are Efficient

With modern technologies taking over many aspects of our lives, it has become increasingly difficult to let go of traditional devices. Electronic books (eBooks) and online reading have become increasingly popular among the world of literature. Despite the benefits to both choices, for many, using eBooks is a more convenient and affordable decision than using paper books.

With eBooks simply requiring a device to use, they are much more convenient to use than the standard paperback books. Instead of carrying around a book on a regular basis, individuals would only need to download the book on their devices, which is especially beneficial for students as it lightens their heavy load. Through the use of eBooks, users would have easy access to any book at any time rather than just one or two, given that the books are downloaded beforehand.

In an article comparing eBooks to standard books, author Remez Sasson said, “You can carry a whole library of hundreds of books with you, on CD, in a laptop, notebook or any eBook reader, without worrying about their weight.”

In addition to the ease of carrying them, eBooks allow for stronger readability over standard books. With eBooks, you can adjust the font size and brightness for a more comfortable read, even allowing for late-night reading sessions without having to turn on any lights. Beneficial to all ages alike and in different situations, ebooks’ adjustability makes them much more practical in a day-to-day setting.

Besides the convenience that eBooks provide, they also enable texts to be preserved for a much greater time period rather than standard paperback books as you can download and upload them online for future reference.

“If I were to read a book this year that I really enjoyed and downloaded it onto my phone, it would be much easier for me to read ten years from now rather than keeping the actual book,” junior Kameran Mody said.

In one study in favor of paperback books by Naomi Baron, students argue that reading on print is easier on the eyes and more enjoyable. She goes on to explain how paperback books offer more retention rather than online reading. While this is true, if the reader is reading online, there is an ease to clarify those confusions by finding further material.

While traditional paperback books do offer benefits including a more tactile and traditional feel, eBooks provide a more convenient experience. With the ability to read hundreds of different books at a time and ease of finding information, eBooks offer many benefits that tradition books can not offer.