Summer Programs Are Well Worth the Price

Tatsiana Barysiuk, Contributing Writer

Summer camps and programs are a way for high school students to explore a certain subject during summertime. Whether in-person or online, summer programs are a great way for students to form new experiences and learn new information about a subject that intrigues them. 

Many students attend these programs, such as junior Ethan Hung, who attended the Rosetta Institute Molecular Immunology program.

“I would say that while the content, including bench research skills and college-level lectures as a whole, were interesting,” Hung said, “for me, the most exciting part was the experience of college life.”

Even if these programs aren’t held in-person, summer programs are still a great way for students to explore a specific area of interest. 

“Summer camps can give students opportunities to explore things they are passionate about or want to learn more,” counselor Shari Markowitz said. “For example, some camps are doing research on a particular field. That can help you explore future career paths or college majors for yourself.”

The experiences that students have when attending a summer program often stay with them for the rest of their lives. Students have experiences that they can reflect on and apply to various situations.

“I think any experiences you have [at a college program] will help broaden you as a person,” Markowitz said. “You are [going to] be able to draw from your experiences especially when it comes to the time [when] you write your college application.”

Certain summer programs are extremely selective, and being selected for one can show college admissions officers that a student is competitive and willing to fight for their place in that college. 

Additionally, according to the Portola High website, the IVC/IUSD Summer College Program allows high school students to enroll in CSU- and UC-transferable general education classes. Other colleges might offer similar options, some of which are online.

Taking these courses is a way for high school students to be able to get college credit without having to take a yearlong dual enrollment or AP class. 

Whether in-person or online, summer programs can help students learn a new skill, dive deeper into an interest or passion, supplement education or experience new things. With such benefits, summer programs are well worth their price.