Apple is Superior to Android

With advances in technology, a sleek, well-performing smartphone is attainable for almost everybody today in the United States. When choosing such a phone to purchase, an iPhone belongs on top of the list, above Android devices manufactured by a variety of different companies.

An issue with Android phones is software updating. Due to the fact that iPhones are manufactured exclusively by Apple, the company will ensure all relevant models receive same updates.

But when it comes to Android, even esteemed supporter Android Central admits, “When Android is updated, only phones from Google that are currently supported can expect an update. Those phones are a very small portion of Android devices in the wild.”

Customer support is another field in which Android companies are bested by Apple. If a problem occurs, owning an Apple phone saves time, sweat and money.

According to the Boy Genius Report, “Apple has…265 [retail stores] in the United States alone. As a result, Apple’s retail infrastructure provides…convenience for users who need to bring a product in to be examined. This is infinitely more helpful than the alternative other companies provide — tech support via the phone.”

A common argument Android users employ is that Android has a higher market share than Apple. But according to data collected by Strategy Analytics, sales of Apple’s iPhone 7 series ranked first and second in models sold by 2017’s first quarter, whereas the leading Android ranked third with a difference of over ten million models.

On a smaller scale, 100 students on campus were selected randomly and polled for their opinions. Of the voters, a staggering 84 percent prefers iPhones over Android devices. Apple devices are more welcomed in Portola High as well as on a worldwide scale.

From the support provided to their effectiveness at software updating and their popularity, iPhones are clearly superior products to Android phones.