A Fresh Take on an Old Tale: ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Review


Grace Tu, Staff Writer

Being a tale as old as time and a song as old as rhyme, the love story between the beautiful and brave Belle and the hot-tempered yet kind-hearted Beast has been embedded into the childhoods of most people. Disney’s recently-released live-action film adaptation, succeeding its 1991 animated adaptation, has captured the attention and interest of many.

The story follows Belle, a young woman who yearns for a life more than the provincial one she leads. One day, her father goes missing, and Belle finds him imprisoned in a castle belonging to the Beast, a prince who was put under a spell because of his previous mistakes. Belle offers to take her father’s place as the Beast’s prisoner, which the Beast accepts. After a rocky start, the Beauty and the Beast form a friendship, and love starts to bloom.

The cinematography was beautiful, proving the $160 million production budget was used well. The scene of Belle’s “little town” gave off a lively French atmosphere, and the luxurious castle of the Beast showcased detailed designs of each of the rooms in the East and West Wings. Emma Watson, Dan Stevens and Luke Evans, who portray Belle, the Beast and Gaston respectively, have also brought the well-known characters to life.

The Beast and Belle’s dance was a significant scene that symbolized the story for many people. The chandeliers illuminated the ballroom like how stars light up a night sky, creating a romantic atmosphere. Belle’s signature yellow dress was whimsical, magical and made out of silk with touches of glitter. The well-choreographed dance of Belle and the Beast was accompanied by the familiar tune of “Beauty and the Beast,” sung by Emma Thompson. Although it has been many years, the ballroom scene is still ever a surprise.

The live-action film adaptation of Beauty and the Beast lived up to the high expectations from many viewers and critics. Although the story was the same as the original, it was still able to leave audience members in awe. Viewers found themselves lost in the story, engrossed with the actions of the headstrong Belle and the surprisingly amiable Beast. The well-executed storyline, the detailed set and graceful music all make the film adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast” a must-see of 2017.