Boys’ Basketball Rolls Into New Season


Shawyan Rooein

Boys’ basketball analyzes video footage of their previous game, discussing points of transition, free throw percentages and further breakdowns of each play. This is a regular process to not only set goals but also create a specific action plan approaching the next game.

Shawyan Rooein, Centerspread Editor

After a long run last season in CIF, boys’ basketball (2-5 in pre-season) is looking for another strong season, preparing since early summer. Recently, the team has faced a few close games with four out of five of its losses being within eight points. This upcoming weekend, they are playing in and co-hosting the Raya Basketball Tournament at home. 

Besides the small changes that may come up, team members know what to expect this season and have been working extremely hard as they aim to qualify and go far in CIF.

“Before our actual games started we went through hell week where we did a bunch of conditioning to prepare us. It was something that we’ve never done before and it was really intense. I think it brought us all closer together,” guard and junior Josh Steinburg said. “[For us} it’s never a matter of not working hard enough. We always hustle and have that drive. I think not every team has that, but we’re lucky enough to have that.” 

On top of regular practices at the end of the day, they lift and run before school each week, giving them a strong work ethic and stamina.  

“The running may be brutal, but Coach has taught the team and I for the last four years the importance of  mental strength and that the pain of regret hurts far worse in season than the pain I feel while running,” small forward and senior Justin Tam said. “Diets have been a thing since freshman year, simple: no fried food and soda.”

Besides the physical work that they are putting in, the boys also have scheduled film study sessions where they both analyze individual performance and scout upcoming opponents.

“It also helps me as a coach see if I need to change things in the way I teach them.  Sometimes what looks good on paper, doesn’t look good on the film,” Smith said. 

Watching film isn’t the only thing that gives them an advantage however. 

“​I believe that what may give us the edge is our work ethic and how hard our kids play.  We have this mindset that we aren’t going to get outworked. We want to be detailed oriented and win or lose with integrity,” Smith said. “What we always want to have separate us from other programs is at the end of the day, we’re all Bulldogs, and as we say, ‘Dogs gotta eat!’”