Bulldogs Celebrate their Journeys to CIF


Courtesy of Makena Wong

Swim finishes PCL with a third place win for the girls and a second place win for the boys. Numerous times were dropped with many athletes in the top five.

Junior Saachi Pavani, girls’ tennis

Season record: (7-5)

Date of first CIF round: May 12

“The competitive atmosphere at CIF is incomparable, and it’s something I really looked forward to. My hope for the first game was that everyone put their best foot forward and push themselves, and I definitely saw that happen. I’m really proud of how much the team has grown over the course of the season, both in technique and spirit.”

Sophomore Chris Li, boys’ tennis

Season record: (9-3)

Date of first CIF round: May 20

“I feel like for CIF, our biggest challenge is just going to be keeping up the motivation and the spirits because it’s the end of the year, and we’re all tired from finals and a hard season, so I feel like one of our biggest challenges is just keeping up the energy.”

Senior Nicholas Hsu, swim

Season record: (6-1)

Date of first CIF round: May 25

“I’ve been here for four years. The most enjoyable part of swim in general and leading up to CIF would be all the times that I spent with my teammates because initially when you’re a freshman, you don’t really know them that well. But after four years, after multiple team dinners, bus rides back home, photos, you feel like you’re contributing to something, and there’s a sense of satisfaction in that.”

Junior Chloe Don, girls’ basketball

Season record: (11-3)

Date of first CIF round: May 27

“It’s honestly been a really intense and long season leading up to now because we didn’t really know for sure that CIF was happening, so we’ve been practicing a lot. We’ve been struggling lately because we lost one of our starters, so it’s been hard without her, but other than that our team is really excited and fortunate to get to play in CIF.”

Sophomore Jadyn Zdanavage, girls’ lacrosse

Season record: (7-5)

Date of first CIF round: May 29

“The journey towards making it to CIF was quite long as we had been waiting for our  chance to play in playoffs ever since last year when the season came to an abrupt end. As for some obstacles, we had some injuries. Two of our key players were injured, so we just had to overcome them not being on the field with us.” 

Junior Matthew Kim, boys’ golf

Season record: (9-2)

Date of first CIF round: June 7

“This year, we had the most amount of people try out, and as a result we’ve also seen the most amount of talent during this year. That means we were able to focus more effort on our team practices, our team practice rounds and then performing well in our team games and working together to really interact with one another as a team and sort of as a family as well.”