Bulldogs Leave a Victorious ‘Legacy’ against Beckman High Patriots

Bulldogs (6-0) triumphed over the Beckman Patriots at the annual legacy game on Sept. 17. The game ended with a win of 28-7, extending the Bulldog’s undefeated streak. Students in attendance wore camouflage in commemoration of those who helped make Portola High. The next match will be away at 7:00 p.m. on Oct. 8 against University High. 

The camo, in conjunction with the veterans’ and marines’ attendance, made this game different from those previously held in Portola. In order to honor those who have served in the military and the lives that were lost in the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, Portola High’s student body led the pledge of allegiance while having the veterans and marines’ in the front of the field.

“Before Portola was a school, it was actually a marine base, so the Marines and the Army came to show their support,” sophomore ASB president Arjit Singh said. “Then we tried showing our support by making it camo theme to respect all the soldiers and all the Marines who fight for our country.” 

“Defensively, our strategy was to just kind of control the line of scrimmage,” assistant coach Desmond Hernandez said. “And so that means that the front guys are guys we always believe are stronger, tougher and faster than everybody else.” 

Bulldogs scored a touchdown only 6 minutes, 54 seconds into the game. Four minutes later, the bleachers erupted as running back and junior Tyler McMullen dove over the goal line, landing the Bulldogs another seven points. 

Some of the notable players in this game were tight end and senior Parker Olthoff, who made a total of 21 yards this game, and running back and senior Nova Kebeli, who rushed a total of 133 yards and earned six points for the Bulldogs. Coaches named Olthoff game MVP.

“Our senior class, I think, is really strong, really cohesive. We have a lot of dudes who’ve been here for three, four years and just kind of really bought into the system,” Hernandez said.

Spectators witnessed touchdown after touchdown as Bulldogs ruled the field all four quarters. No dramatic change in performance or turning points existed in the game.  According to secondary tackle and senior William Wang, the shift the Bulldogs experienced was one in mentality.

“Our attitude towards the game definitely changed during the first half and then through half-time,” Wang said. “Coach Abe told us to play as Bulldogs. No matter what our opponents are like, we need to play to the best of our abilities.”