Cauldron Ice Cream Takes a Leap into a New World of Ice Cream

The Earl Gray Lavender flavor with an original Puffle Cone embodies the uniqueness in every Cauldron Ice Cream flavor.

Abby Hopper, Collaborating Writer

Cauldron Ice Cream had its grand opening on Jan. 12 in the Cypress Village shopping center in Irvine. The Orange County-based eatery has been rapidly growing across Southern California and has even extended its stores to Canada. Its unique take on ice cream served in a “Puffle Cone,” a liquid nitrogen base and uncommon flavors make this the place to go if any locals are interested in trying a new ice cream parlor.

“I really like this Irvine location since I just feel like Irvine is lacking really interesting and fun, delicious dessert places,” owner James Ho said. “There are also a lot of new and young families who live out here and are starting their families, and that is a really good environment for us to be a part of their lives and a place they can go to every Saturday after a baseball game, and we can help create a family tradition.”

With flavors as unique as Rose Water and Earl Gray Lavender, its most popular flavor according to Ho, Cauldron is definitely one of a kind. Earl Grey Lavender is well-deserving of its popularity. It tastes light with a hint of floral, and all the flavors tie together with a drizzle of honey on top.

The original-flavored “Puffle Cone,” which is a take on Hong Kong-style egg waffles, has a crisp outside and chewy consistency inside, which mixes well with the light lavender flavor. The “Puffle Cone” is also offered in churro and red velvet flavors.

“[The Earl Gray Lavender flavor] has such a nice, light flavor and such a unique taste,” junior Noora Roushdy said. “It is perfect for any time of the year.”

Each cup or cone of ice cream contains details that make the presentation appealing, including every ice cream scoop being meticulously designed in a rose shape. Although this does make you wait a little longer to receive your ice cream, it is definitely worth the wait since the final product not only tastes exceptional, but also looks exceptional.

“When we put it in a cup or put it in a cone, we are very careful that the way we present and the way it looks is very appetizing to the person,” Ho said, “since people eat with their eyes first.”

With Cauldron’s introduction to Irvine, it is sure to become a rave throughout the city and a staple dessert choice for locals. Cauldron is unlike any other ice cream store within Orange County and its presentation, taste and all freshly-made ice creams make it worth the wait and the cost.