Club-a-Palooza Fundraises a Total of $2,500


Maryam Shama

Junior Aiden Wu sells Coke to fundraise for the eSports club. Students purchased tickets for a dollar each to exchange for food items.

Maryam Shama, Editor-In-Chief

Through a walkway of brightly-colored posters advertising different clubs in the Timeline, Bulldogs enjoyed an extended lunch for Club-a-Palooza on May 2. Clubs members were eager to sell a variety of food including ramen, churros with ice cream and boba.

Although only 25 out of 100 clubs participated, the event raised a total of $2,500 according to clubs commissioner Faith Kim. The event was enjoyed by both students and clubs as students could enjoy a wide range of treats on campus, and clubs were given an opportunity to fundraise.

“The clubs that were the most profitable were the ones that sold new foods that you wouldn’t really be able to get normally, such as Canes or chinese food,” Kim said. “I think it’s best to be unique, that way people will be drawn to your booth no matter the location.”

With many clubs earning roughly the same amount, Never Ever Give Up (NEGU) club had the highest profit of $156 by selling churros and ice cream.

“We sold churros and ice cream because we knew it was a popular item last year. We wanted to sell something that a lot of other clubs wouldn’t be selling but also something that would be attractive for the students to buy,” NEGU club president and sophomore Tiffany Lee said. “We did a good job of having enough to sell but not too much that we would have leftovers that we couldn’t sell.”

Boba sales were also high, leaving clubs selling out of the popular drink. However, students’ interest were sparked by a variety of snacks brought to campus.

“The Unicef club stood out to me because they were selling my favorite snacks, choco pies and boba,” junior Zaid Bahrani said. “I enjoyed the creativity of all the clubs and how it turned our campus into a market of some sort.”