Disney Expands Film and Park Properties

Ava Caleca, Social Media Specialist

Disney has progressively purchased large companies such as ABC, ESPN, Lucasfilm and Marvel Entertainment, which has expanded the business into a larger company. On March 20, Disney announced its latest purchase of Fox’s assets, owning franchises such as The Simpsons.

The Walt Disney Company has also flourished economically. Disney earns around 12.6 billion  dollars in net income every year from domestic parks and resorts, according to Statista. Additionally, customers will have the opportunity to watch Disney’s previous media on Disney+, launching on Nov. 12.

The new streaming service will create competition against Netflix, removing all Disney media and revenue from the Netflix platforms.

“It can be a little disconcerting that so much is being controlled by Disney,” Disney through the Decades teacher Heidi Martasian said. “On the other hand of course, it is a business, and in general I have kind of liked what the company has been doing and where it’s been going.”

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open in Disneyland Park on May 31.

With 14 acres allocated for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at each park, it will be the single largest addition to any Disney theme park in history, according to MickeyVisit.com. Another first for the company, Oga’s Cantina within the land will serve alcohol to all adult Disney guests within the park.

Marvel Land will open in Disney’s California Adventure park in 2020.

“The content of the work may be slightly different, but the quality is still there, if not better, as Disney is such a big and rich company,” junior Danaley Silan said. “They even go beyond to make all these new tv shows, lands in the parks and so many other opportunities for people to be immersed and invested in the world each franchise creates.”

Disney is set to release 11 new movies in 2019, according to Insider. Many of these films are live-action remakes of their animated classics. Releasing these newer versions will extend Disney’s copyright ownership of these stories.

“I think it is a smart business move for Disney because they have more money coming in through owning these companies,” junior Neha Scott said. “It also gives more potential to the companies, since really anything with the Disney label on it is an eye-catcher to a vast majority of people.”