Election Convention Selects ASB Leaders for 2019-2020 School Year


Simrat Singh

Belal Ibrahim responds to a question about how he intends to bring more spirit to Portola’s Poseidon house as (from left) Tawni Sugita, Matthew Vo, and Jordan Amlen look on.

Simrat Singh and Maya Sabbaghian

Two delegates from each advisement voted for the 2019-2020 student body leaders at the second annual Election Convention on March 26.

The winners are:

President: Mustafa Hassan

Vice President: Nishad Francis

Student Representative: Benjamin Kim

Student Activities Coordinator: Kevin Lu

Spirit and Rally Commissioners: Jun Kim and Allyson Tabayoyong

Clubs Commissioners: Faith Kim and Mihika Nerurkar

Girls Athletic Commissioner: Kai Wong

Boys Athletic Commissioner: Omar Habibeh

Poseidon President: Matthew Vo

Poseidon Vice President: Belal Ibrahim

Pegasus President: Kaveh Wojtowich

Pegasus Vice President: Belal Zahran

Orion President: Taira Asakura

Orion Vice President: Michelle Kim

Hercules President: Ryan Jung

Hercules Vice President: Leonardo Pena Reyes

The top two candidates in each category (four in spirit and rally commissioner and clubs commissioner) who received the most votes during the popular vote moved on to the Election Convention. Delegates and moderators asked the candidates questions related to their responsibilities on ASB in their desired positions. The candidates answered the questions to the best of their abilities, and at the end the delegates voted for a winner.

“The Election Convention allows delegates to judge a candidate’s ability to public speak. The Election Convention also allows for delegates to hear future plans of some candidates,” president-elect and junior Mustafa Hassan said. “Some questions involved why the candidate is qualified, and that too helps candidates chose the right candidate.”

At the Convention, 2018-2019 ASB president and junior Jason Chen announced the winners of the election. However, ASB is also comprised of appointed positions who have not been selected yet.

“We don’t have the full list of people taking over just yet, as we have not finished filling out ASB with appointed positions. However, with the people in ASB next year, I see a lot of new faces, and that represents potential for new innovative ways to attract attention and good publicity for ASB,” Chen said. “I think so far we have the perfect amount of students that were in ASB and new students….I also think once we have a full four classes, ASB transitions will be smoother annually.”

A majority of the incoming group of student leaders is relatively new to ASB and has not participated in the group before.

“I think that we have a lot of new students who have never done ASB before, which is exciting for me as an adviser since some things I can start over and start from scratch,” ASB co-adviser Sarah Dean said. “I think it’s going to be a very spirited ASB from what I can see. They already have good chemistry, so what I mean by that is that I think a lot of them are friends outside of class, so I think there won’t be an issue with bonding and spirit, so that’s what I am excited for.”