Finding the Sum of Six Talented Mathletes


Photo by Julia Kim

Junior Joyee Chen uses the whiteboard to tackle tricky problems by visually interpreting the question.

Julia Kim, Co-Editor-in-Chief

What may be a scribble of nonsensical numbers and variables is actually the result of hard work for freshman Sushanth Kumar, sophomores Kevin Du and Anthony Tan and juniors Joyee Chen, Yunseong Jung and Harry Song.

After passing the entrance exam and vigorously training for three months, students competed at the Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Competition on Dec. 2.

The 35 teams competed in a 75-minute team round and a one-hour individual round.

“The training process in itself is worth it because we get to improve and we get to learn from each other,” Du said. “You can’t just do math and not tell anyone about it— you have to show and share it to the world.”

Despite falling short in individual competitions, the team finished in eighth place and is beyond ecstatic to have set the precedent for future math competitions to come.