Hot Chocolate or Not?

Ananyashri Komarlu, A&E Editor

Just imagine the fresh warmth of hot chocolate with melting marshmallows creating a sweet, white layer of heaven. Feel the warmth of the cup as you hold it in your cold hands, ready to take your first sip.

Hot chocolate is one treat I can definitely not resist, no matter what mood I am in that day. Honestly, who would not want hot chocolate on a gloomy day when it is raining?

Remember that rainy Monday when we were given the best opportunity ever: free donuts and hot chocolate. The moment I tasted the warm, fresh and evenly sweet hot chocolate, I knew this would be one of the best days that week.

Many students such as freshman Mihika Nerurkar thought that this food adventure should be given more often “because it was a way of bringing the school together and uniting the students.”

Like Nerurkar said, it is extremely generous of the school to provide us with donuts and hot chocolates, and it allows students to engage with one another. Students were able to talk with one another sitting at the table in the student union rather than be scattered across campus outside. They were able to talk about school and how life was progressing.

Even though hot chocolate is one of the greatest drinks of all time, some people may think otherwise. It is arguable that buying hot chocolate and donuts for an entire school can be quite pricey.

Despite the expense, hot chocolate should be brought again in order to make any day a great day. Hot chocolate should become a monthly food adventure for students to experience and enjoy. It makes people happy and creates a united school filled with spirit where everyone can be together.