Making the Super Bowl a Touchdown of Traditions


Ava Caleca

Finger foods such as vegetables and dip are usually found each year on family tables for the Super Bowl.

Ava Caleca, Staff Writer

The Super Bowl resulted in the Philadelphia Eagles defeating the New England Patriots 41-33, which made this year the highest-scoring game in Super Bowl history. The day was filled with football, family traditions and a much needed sense of unity throughout the country.

The two teams in the big game also have a strong sense of tradition. The Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots both come from cities rich in American history.

The game was a must-watch for many students. The Super Bowl is very much a holiday, and like with any holiday, annual traditions take place.

“I usually root for the Patriots because I admire a lot of what Tom Brady stands for and because I used to live in Maine. The whole New England doesn’t have any other team besides Boston, so we all root for the Patriots,” Literary & Language Arts substitute teacher Diana Mullins said.

One of the best parts about the Super Bowl is watching with friends and family. Many families gather in hosted parties and backyard barbecues to eat food and talk with one another.

“For as long as I can remember, me and my family get a platter of meats and cheeses and crackers,” Durre said.

Another popular food item that comes to mind for the Super Bowl are chips and dip like guacamole and salsa. Other Super Bowl food items could be buffalo wings or sliders. Clearly, finger foods make up a big part of what makes the Super Bowl a special occasion to many.

“I traditionally make a seven layer dip and have chips and then have some sort of party food of some kind and gather in the living room and then have people over,” Mullins said.

Cultural customs do not only include food. Some families like to toss around a football with each other, while others tune in for famed commercials or the halftime show.

Super Bowl Sunday may not actually be a national holiday, but many people share traditions as if it were Thanksgiving. Any day that brings family together is surely a day worth celebrating.