Mou Sisters Make Their Moment in Dance Company


Minnah Tanzeen

The Mou Sisters, Hannah, Cecilia and Sarah, are all in Dance Company. Dance is a form of self-expression according to the sisters, and being in Dance Company allows them to spend time together and strengthen their bond with each other.

Minnah Tanzeen, Staff Writer

Although many siblings simply cannot be more different from each other when it comes to pursuing various interests, dance company is home to three sisters who share the same passion.

Sophomore Cece Mou and freshmen twins Hannah and Sarah Mou are all dancers. Cece Mou has been dancing since she was 12 years old, while the twins started dancing at the age of 11.

Cece Mou credits her mother with getting her interested in dance by making her try several activities until she finally discovered her true passion of dance. As the younger siblings, Hannah Mou and Sarah Mou have followed in their older sister’s footsteps, which all three said they believe is typical of their sibling dynamic.

“Sarah and Hannah are closer to each other because they have the same schoolwork, they have the same friends, and they’re the same age,” Cece Mou said, “But I don’t think there’s that much of a stark difference, and I really appreciate how I can act as a sort of mentor for them, and I can teach them things that I’ve experienced that they should know.”

To the sisters, dance is a way of expressing themselves and their emotions creatively and staying active in a fun way. But most importantly, dance company has allowed the sisters to spend time together since they often train at different locations outside of school.

“When I was first auditioning [for dance company], I was really nervous,” Hannah Mou said. “Since [Cece] auditioned before, she helped review the dance with me, and it strengthened our bond together and helped me calm my nerves.”

Although the sisters have each found their own place in dance company, it has not been without challenges.

“I think going off what’s typical in my family, my sisters usually follow my lead the most,” Cece Mou said. “I think that’s caused the conflict of them feeling like they don’t have their own identity, but I think we solved that.”

The sisters’ different personalities only helped enhance their different styles and find a unique place in dance company. While Hannah’s dislike for stretching made her choose hop-hip, which does not require as much flexibility, and Cece practices contemporary, Sarah has found herself a more upbeat style of dance like Jazz to suit her personality.

“I guess I just enjoy dancing to a faster beat,” Sarah said, “ I’ve tried all the other types of dance and they didn’t appeal to me. Jazz just makes me really happy when I’m dancing.”

The sisters have also made several great memories in Dance Company together, performing at national competitions such as Kids Artistic Revue (KAR) and the Showstopper championships, as well as dance company.

“When we first performed, it was really fun how we danced together,” Sarah Mou said, “because that’s the first time we ever actually danced together not just performing in front of our parents, but actually performing in front of other people, and it was a new experience.”