Students Elect 2017-18 ASB Leaders


Annie Qiao

Liz Moerman speaks at the ASB election assembly.

Julia Kim, Business Manager

On April 14, students headed to the Performing Arts Theater to choose future leaders of ASB for the sophomore class. In conclusion to Friday’s Election Day, students elected the following candidates:

President: Liz Moerman

Vice President: Jason Chen

Student Representative: Kyle Sugita

Clubs Commissioner: Kayden Lea

Spirit & Rally (Girls): Lauren Hwang

Spirit & Rally (Boys): Jeffrey Chen

Boys Athletic Commissioner: Mustafa Hassan

Girls Athletic Commissioner: Madison Lam

Student Activities Commissioner: Dylan Thakarar

“Overall, I am so honored that the Bulldogs have elected me as their president,” 2017 – 2018 president Liz Moerman said. “I could never have dreamed that I would be elected to ASB, much less as president of Portola High School. I am truly grateful and look forward to making the 2017 – 2018 school year a great one with the Bulldogs.”

Candidates gave speeches to present themselves for positions including president, vice president, student representative, club commissioner, spirit and rally (boys and girls), athletics commissioner (boys and girls) and student activities coordinator.

“The election process was spread over the course of two weeks and had spring break in between, which gave students time to work on speeches and posters,” 2017-2018 vice president Jason Chen said. “We had to wait [for the results] until 3:30, which caused more suspense between students.”

After all speeches had been given by the 24 candidates, students returned to their advisements to vote via Google form so that results could be posted by 3:30 p.m. on the same day.

“I was very encouraged that we had over 20 kids running for a service position where they are volunteering their time to plan fun activities for the rest of the student body,” principal John Pehrson said. “Regardless of the result, I’m super pleased, and I can’t wait to see what this new student body will do.”