Take a Tech Day Off

Dylan Thakarar, Staff Writer

The internet is used in almost every classroom here on campus; it would be interesting to see students take a break from it once a week. Portola should have a tech day off every week on Monday as it would allow students to expand on ideas without using the internet as a crutch.

“I think it would be cool if Portola had a tech day off as it would allow for students to explore subjects without using the internet,” sophomore Nolan Nam said.

It would be effective to take a tech day off as students would be able to work on their classwork without having to use the internet, a common distraction as it allows for students to play games and mess around during class.

“One of the reasons some students favour handwriting is the role it plays in learning and retaining knowledge,” Times Higher Education reports.

Going solely pen and paper for one day a week would be good for students as it allows them to focus more in class and retain knowledge better than they would if they were to use computers.

“Students wouldn’t be able to look up questions if they needed, help but they would be forced to talk to their peers, which could help their communication skills,” freshman Caleb Mei said.

Students would have to talk to their peers more than they already do which would allow for them to make meaningful connections in class as they would be consulting multiple people rather than just the use of the internet. Students would be able to communicate in the real world which could help them in the future.

“A tech day off would allow for students to focus in class without the distractions that technology brings,” sophomore Joshua Kwon said.

In turn technology brings distractions; by taking away technology, Portola students will not feel tempted to play games of any sort and will be able to be more prepared and ready during class. Students will be more focused on the task at hand, completing their work and staying on track in the classroom. They would be able to get more work done and be more attentive during class.