‘The Addams Family’ is Another Stunner For the Drama Department


Photo Courtesy of Anar Bhatt

Morticia Addams(Anar Bhatt) sings “Death Is Just Around The Corner” after realizing Wednesday(Rachel Abalos) and Gomez(Nishad Francis) are keeping a secret from her.

Shawyan Rooein, Backpage Editor

“When you’re an Addams,” you pull off one of the best performances in Portola history. “The Addams Family” was a brilliant show that captivated viewers from the very first scene. Its combination of well-rehearsed musical numbers and amazing vocals created a remarkable show.

One of the main factors to the musical’s success was the talent at its helm; one actor in particular, junior Nishad Francis, who played Gomez Addams, created a perfect balance between humor and sophistication in his role as the father of an estranged family. Along with Francis shined the women of the family: Morticia Addams (Anar Bhatt) and Wednesday Addams (Rachel Abalos), the mother and daughter respectively.

Besides the talent, many other aspects played into its success, including tech-theater and the rigorous dance numbers. With complex numbers involving crossbows and apples, and intricate backdrops and costumes throughout, the musical left me amazed.

Following in the steps of “The Wizard of Oz,” “The Addams Family” featured a live pit orchestra from below the which gave the show a more authentic feel than pre-recorded soundtracks. The rich harmonies from the background added a new depth to the music and singing that ultimately benefited the production.

One of my favorite parts of the musical was its employment of comedic relief throughout, which delighted audience members. Gomez’s frequent time freezes put wide smiles on my face as the audience felt the internal conflict between favoring his daughter or wife.

“The Addams Family” was another brilliant showing from the entire Visual and Performing Arts department and will stand as one of its best. From start to finish, I was left on the edge of my seat with my eyes glued to the stage. I just hope the next musical comes around soon enough because I just can’t wait.