‘Roaring Twenties’ Winter Formal Hosts A Casino Night


Hannah Ko

Students entertain themselves with poker games organized by the Bowers Museum staff in the main hall. Historical artifacts on display served as popular photo backgrounds for students.

Students jazzed themselves up for the “Roaring Twenties” Winter Formal that took place on Feb. 4 at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. Over 1,000 students enjoyed a night full of casino games, desserts and music amid works of art, according to sophomore vice president Zoe Wynn.

The original theme idea of “Las Vegas” was not approved by administration due to the opinion that it was not school appropriate, according to Wynn. ASB selected the second option of the Roaring Twenties because many students have been learning about the topic in history class.

The museum staff hosted casino games like blackjack, poker and roulette at six tables as options for students who were not dancing.

“Last year we went to an airplane hangar, so I think the Bowers Museum has a different atmosphere,” Wynn said. “It’s more decorative, and it’s at a venue outside of school, so it feels more like a dance atmosphere.”

Despite most of the exhibitions being closed off by Bowers Museum staff, students were able to view some of the historical works of art upon entering the venue. 

“I thought it was a much bigger and more accessible place than last year,” junior Josiah Lee said. “And I think that it let a lot of people enjoy the dance, but also taking a breather in spaces that we know were quieter and not filled with a mosh pit.”

In the outside area of the museum was the dance floor, photo booths, dessert bar and mini coffee shop. Moonwood Coffee returned from last year’s winter formal, “A Night Under the Stars,” and served the same menu: lattes, chai, hot chocolate and affogato, according to the barista. The dessert bar consisted of a variety of drinks, cookies and brownies. 

“I felt like one of the characters in a movie,” senior Hyunbin Jung said. “I was able to have fun with my friends, and even though my glasses were broken by the crowd, I think overall it was a dance to remember.”

Future school dances will also have special features and themes like casino games to provide more entertainment for attending students, according to Wynn.