Financial Freedom for Frantic Teenagers

Dylan Thakarar, Staff Writer

Coins clink as they are clumsily forced through a narrow opening of a blush pink ceramic pig. From a young age, children use their piggy banks to learn how to earn and save money. As high schoolers, students tend to spend more money than their younger selves. Many students have debit cards and believe that they are useful. I personally believe that they are beneficial and that teenagers starting at age 13 should have them.

“I got my debit card when I was 15 on Christmas Day. I think it is useful because it’s easier in all possible ways, sophomore Nolan Nam said. For example, the coins are very annoying so having the card helps”

Nam agrees that a debit card would be nice to have. The paperless aspect of having a card allows for students to make purchases without worrying about carrying change. Change can be a nuisance and get in the way when hanging out with your friends.

“I currently don’t have a credit card, but it would be useful to have one as it would be easier for me to make online purchases, and I would not have to carry cash with me,” sophomore Taira Asakura said.

Having a debit card is nice as it allows for students to make online purchases without the hassle of buying a gift card at the store.

“So far I’ve had a relatively positive experience with my debit card,” sophomore Dylan Gates said. “I’ve never had to deal with any sort of fraud, and it’s always nice to have as a backup if I run low on cash”

Students like Gates believe using a debit card has helped them when they are low on cash. Gates claims that he had never had any fraudulent activity occur with his card and that he has had a positive experience while using it.

“I believe it would be beneficial to have a debit card because it would be more efficient and organized; you don’t have to carry bills and loose change. You don’t have to worry about losing cash either,” sophomore David Kenduck said.

Having a debit card allows students to make transactions without having to worry about losing cash or change by dropping it. If you lose your debit card, you can call your bank and cancel the card. One drawback to having a debit card would be that students may use more money than what they have on the card and face a penalty.