A Day in the Life of Kathy Elgohary


Photo by Dylan Vanek

During her time here at Portola High, Kathy Elgohary has become very close with several students and she can regularly be found chatting with students about their days.

Dylan Vanek, Co-News Editor

While students sit in class, the silence of the classroom is broken by the clean engine of a familiar golf cart and the muffle of a radio. These sounds belong to Kathy Elgohary, one of the campus control assistants.

“My day starts out every morning with the parking lot,” Elgohary said. “So George [Mares] and I have to set up cones to help direct the parent and student traffic.”

Mares, another campus control assistant, and she coordinate to ensure students arrive safely at school. Most students regularly see her every morning greeting parents and students alike with a wave or a smile.

“Me and Kathy take turns patrolling sections of the campus,” Mares said. “We help each other out when getting a student from the classroom or taking call slips to the classrooms.“

The next part of the day for Elgohary includes ensuring the school day starts smoothly for all the students and teachers. She and Mares check to make sure all students are where they need to be. If there are any students walking around, Elgohary will make sure that they get to where they are supposed to be.

“We get calls on the radio if somebody needs something or if a student is needed out of class or if a teacher is having a problem in class,” Elgohary said. “Sometimes a teacher will just call us up because they need a quick break or something.”

Her job is not limited to protecting students on campus. Elgohary’s affectionate attitude and easy going personality make her easily approachable for students seeking advice.

“Sometimes students come to me, and they’ve lost something, and they want to go look in the lost and found,” Elgohary said. “Other times students come to me just because they want to talk about something that they don’t like is going on in class. Sometimes when we talk about something, it releases all the pressure from it.”

Elgohary is also involved in after school activities such as the football team. She said she enjoys interacting with the students in many different sporting events.

“She has supported me throughout my struggles and helped celebrate my successes in football,” offensive lineman and junior David Chiu said. “She cares about me outside of sports and is one of the most compassionate people on this campus.”
Elgohary’s positive attitude on campus is truly infectious to everyone she interacts with. She is an integral part of the community and has a profound effect on the students she comes in contact with.

“My favorite part is the students all the way around,” Elgohary said. “I learn something new every day. I probably learn more working here than when I was in high school. All the students have so much to offer.”