A New Road to Driving


Anthony Chan

Campus control assistant George Mares ensures that drivers in our school parking lot are safe to prevent any injuries.

Anthony Chan, Photo Editor

With students now reaching 16 years of age, the school’s parking lot will be expecting many new drivers. In order to park and drive at school, getting a license during or after the age of 16 is required.

At 15-and-a-half, residents of California can obtain their permits, and with practice, they can work to earn their licenses. Sophomore Karly Hopper is one of the first students at Portola to obtain her license.

“I had to do driving with an instructor, so I did [those classes] like four times,” Hopper said. “[Now], it’s easier to hang out with friends, and I can just go places, and it’s a lot more freedom.”

Sophomore Anthony Lu is on the road to his license. He learned more about driving safely by participating in the 30 hours of Driver’s Ed required for a permit, which he received in October. Now that Lu has obtained his permit, he is practicing driving for his license test in February.

“It’s a new experience, which is what I was looking forward to,” Lu said. “The one thing I notice about driving is that when I’m in the driver’s seat, I actually learn the streets more.”

Sophomore Ethan Dru is another student who received his permit in June and is expecting his license at the end of December. Once Dru gets his license, the restrictions of a permit driver will not apply to him.

“I’m really excited to get my license because that means that I would have a lot more freedom,” Dru said. “Once you start driving every day, you become less and less nervous. It’s just getting used to it.”

Tip: In order to park at school, a parking permit is required. Talk to Ms. Kathy and fill out required forms to receive the parking permit.