A Step in the Right Direction at the Forthcoming Dance


Photo Courtesy of Brian Hawkins

Freshmen Vivian Lin and Mary Lu strike a smile for a photo during the dance.

Priscilla Baek and Annie Qiao

The Forthcoming dance, hosted in the Student Union on Oct. 6 from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m., was packed with around 350 students compared to last year’s attendance of 220, according to ASB vice president Jason Chen. New aspects of the dance such as an increased amount of food and activities contributed to the overall atmosphere for both sophomores and freshmen. The dance was planned by ASB members with the help of ASB co-directors Sarah Dean and Emily Sheridan.

“Some new things [ASB] has tried include putting more money into the DJ so they can buy more supplies, and they can make it a better experience for the students, as well as us bringing in more food and activities to entice students to come,” Chen said.

The dance featured a photo booth equipped with accessories for the students, the Forthcoming theme boards near the entrance and a table filled with candy and complimentary pizza. Refreshments included water and Gatorade. Additionally, ASB supplied 330 foam glow sticks for the students to wave around while dancing along to the music. Chen said that ASB hopes to set a tradition for all school dances and wants to inspire attendance and spirit in future dances.

“The goal [of Forthcoming] was for all of the students to attend and to have a great time. I think [the dance] went really well. I was really happy; it looked like everyone was having a great time,” Sheridan said. “We want as many students to come as possible, and we hope to get at least 40 or 50% of the student body there, but we would really love everybody to show up.”

Attendees dressed in semi-formal attire lined up behind the ticket tables chatting before their admittance to the dance. Throughout the evening, students danced and jumped to catchy and electronic songs that the DJ blasted and took photos with their friends at the photo booth.

“I hung out with my friends, and [the dance] was really fun. I just really liked how everything was cohesive,” freshman Laci Kim said. “I wish there were more [refreshments] next year.”