A Sweet Candy Gram Fundraiser


Stephanie Zhang

Students received candy canes attached to a small note from their friends throughout the fundraiser.

Annie Qiao and Julia Kim

Students who wanted to purchase candy canes for their peers or teachers were able to do so outside of the Student Union where ASB members sold candy grams during lunch from Dec. 5 – Dec. 13.

“The original purpose of the event was to raise money for ASB by selling the candy grams to students at the school. It was [successful]; we made more money than we expected, and many people bought candy grams for their friends, so a lot of people got to spread kindness,” ASB Treasurer Eden Yeh said.

Students who bought candy canes for their friends had their gifts and notes delivered by ASB members during third period. The money raised through the fundraiser is planned to go to future lunchtime activities and dances such as Winter Formal, which will occur March 4.

“The idea was first pitched by Liz [Moerman], our Spirit and Rally Commissioner…we talked about it in our meeting, and then we approved it,” ASB Director Sarah Dean said. “After that process, we started to do publicity… in the front of the weekly bulletin; we would do a snippet of the ASB portion on the bulletin. And we had the posters and flyers and everything. But the big way we do publicity is we just start the event and make it a long event so kids will see when they walk around.”

In addition to posters that were displayed around campus, ASB members set up a table outside of the Student Union, where most students eat, to draw the attention of students and persuade them to purchase candy canes during lunch.

“I did enjoy buying candy grams because it made me feel good that I can give something to my friends. It also felt good receiving candy grams because I was happy to know that my friends also think about me and respect me as their friend,” freshman Nicole Park said.