Another Year, Another Legacy Game Victory


John Xie

Players stand on the sidelines of the Legacy Game against Northwood High.

John Xie, Staff Writer

Football hosted its yearly Legacy Game against Northwood High on Sept. 28. JV and frosh/soph played back-to-back games. Junior varsity won its game 41-8. Frosh/soph lost its game 38-28.

“The game went great. We beat them in the Legacy Game, and we left an impression on them,” junior varsity player and sophomore Aiden Wu said. “Last year they came, and we beat them pretty bad. This year they came, [and] they brought their junior people… [which] made [the game] harder, but we beat them even harder.”

During the first quarter, the Bulldogs scored 21-0 against Northwood High.

“When they have zero on the scoreboard and we have more points than they did means we did a fantastic job,” head coach Peter Abe said. “We strive to protect the pedigree, and if we do that we always have a chance to win.”

In the second quarter, the Bulldogs increased their edge over the Timberwolves (34-0), but in the third quarter the Timberwolves caught up with a touchdown (34-6). Abe subbed in another group to replace the weary players.

In the last quarter, the Bulldogs focused on defense but never gave up on scoring. The Bulldogs scored another seven points, ending the game 41-8.

While there were many key players that contributed to the victory, Abe recognized one particular group for their outstanding performance. “… Our MVP was our entire [offensive] line; those guys are really putting the work in this year.”

The game was close to error-free as players focused on offense and defense during the game and patiently waited for opportunities to score.

“I think it went really well because we blew them out, and everybody worked really hard,” junior varsity player and sophomore Kaveh Wojtowich said. “After the starters went in and got the score up, the backups went in, and they finished the job. They didn’t allow any touchdowns, and they scored a touchdown themselves, so they held it in for us.”