Approaching Art through LACMA


Chloe Ma

Art students pose before entering LACMA, holding cameras and journals to document their unique experience.

Chloe Ma, Staff Writer

Visual arts teacher Kearci Moir took art students on a field trip to Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) on Dec. 5, allowing students to gain exposure to professional works of art.

The artwork in LACMA has inspired students and helped them to learn a variety of artistic techniques such as color, style and texture from different artists.

“Basically, I let students explore the museum on their own; their assignment was to find a painting or sculpture or drawing that spoke to them and spend ten minutes in front of it,” Moir said. “They are supposed to write down all their thoughts and questions and observations and feelings about it, so that way it wasn’t as much of me just talking at them about the paintings I like, but they have to find the one they like and interact with it meaningfully.”

The field trip was a rare opportunity for students to go out and develop their art skills by seeing some artwork from famous artists.

“I learned a lot through this field trip, for instance, the styles of famous artists and the way they arrange their compositions,” sophomore Cathy Li said. “There were lots of artwork of Pablo Picasso, one of my favorite artists. I used to be super confused about the meaning of and even the objects in his paintings, but now I think I can finally understand him a little bit.”

Many students, passionate about art, loved the opportunity to be able to explore different types of art. Seeing professional artists’ work gave the students a unique experience other than just drawing.

“If there is a field trip to a different art museum, I will definitely go. I take art as part of my life, so I feel nice and calm while looking at famous artists’ artwork,” sophomore Karen Fan said. “I really appreciate this feeling. I also hope more people will go on the field trip next semester.”

In the museum there are all kinds of art, such as Doubleworld, A Century of Crossing Borders and Pinxit Mexici. 

“We make a lot of art, but being able to see famous works of art we’ve been writing about and creating from, to see them in person makes a huge difference; they are much more impactful when you see them,” Moir said. “I am hoping to plan another one possibly to Laguna to go to an museum there and the Laguna College of Art Design… Hopefully we will have another art trip for everyone to go on.”