ASB Closes Out School Year with End-of-Year Rally


Spirit and rally commissioner and future vice president Lauren Hwang leads the crowd in a cheer to kick off the rally.

Helena Hu and Julia Kim

“Who’s the best? PHS!” was the cheer heard around the gym on May 11 as ASB, decked out in beach-themed outfits, buzzed with excitement as they welcomed students to the last pep rally to wrap up the school year. ASB president Liz Moerman and vice president Jason Chen opened the rally with the school cheer, followed by freshmen Marina Bogosian and Raksha Rajeshmohan singing the national anthem.

Spirit and rally commissioners and sophomores Lauren Hwang and Jeffrey Chen worked to bring up school spirit with a quick house game.

“We wanted to choose an overall theme for the end of the year rally, similar to how other schools do their pep rallies,” Chen said. “We chose a beach theme because we wanted to send off the students into summer as well as have a solid plan for our student and teacher games.”

Wrapping up its own season, dance company performed to the song “Sax” by Fleur East, featuring jazz themed choreography, facials and formations. Following the performance, ASB presented two videos; one featured a question & answer of both freshmen and sophomores reflecting on this past school year and another showcased a staff lip dub.

“We all ended the pep rally with a good note, and ASB really helped us perform and share our passions with the school,” dance company member and freshman Kate Dang said. “It’s great that everyone was really supportive of us. Also, the videos that were shown, like the Q&A and the lip dub, were really fun to watch.”

Students then competed against staff in a beach ball relay, resulting in a win for the students. Among the games, ASB awarded a house trophy to Poseidon for winning the most house points. Sophomores Gabi Taylor and Jessalyn Nguyen then performed a short skit inviting the student body to attend “Porchella,” the end-of-the-year spring festival that took place later that afternoon.

Finally, ASB thanked the student body for a wonderful year and for allowing them to serve the student body for the past year. As Hwang’s last pep rally of the year, she passed off the mic to future spirit and rally commissioner and sophomore Madelyn Noh, while Moerman handed the mic to future ASB president Jason Chen.

“I love working with the student body at PHS,” ASB adviser Emily Sheridan said. “It has been awesome to see the students really take on a bigger role in the planning and implementation of all of our events as the school year has gone on. I am so proud of all of the ASB students this year!”