ASB Plans First Spring Carnival


Annie Qiao

As the publicity commissioner, sophomore and ASB member Allison Shi works on one of many posters advertising the spring carnival that will be displayed around campus.

Annie Qiao, Editor-in-Chief

ASB will be hosting the first spring carnival, called the “Spring Festival,” on May 11 from 3:30 to 7 p.m. on campus in lieu of a spring dance.

With the aroma of freshly-cooked street food paired with friendly chatter between attendees and their companions, the carnival is known as a symbol of joy everywhere. Now, this symbol of carefree happiness will be brought to campus.

“I think a spring carnival is better than a dance because it’s a creative way to make Portola different from other high schools in Irvine,” sophomore and Poseidon house president Gabi Taylor said.

Although ASB has not yet fully decided on the types of activities that will be available at the Spring Festival, vice president and committee leader Jason Chen has confirmed that food and giant inflatables will be present.

“Students should look forward to the fun activities we have planned,” Taylor said. “Some examples are giant jenga, face painting and bounce house obstacle courses.”

This spring, ASB has split off into multiple committees instead of working together as a whole; the spring carnival committee consists of ASB members and sophomores Chen, Ki Joon Lee, Jessalyn Nguyen and Taylor. Following the IUSD School Board meeting on April 17, the committee is making purchases in preparation for the carnival.

“I think it [the future of the spring carnival] will depend on how the student body reacts to it. If we’re able to at least break even and if we hear that the kids enjoyed it more than a spring dance, it’s something that we can bring back next year,” ASB co-director Sarah Dean said.

Instead of a spring dance like the previous school year, ASB said they hope that the informality of the Spring Festival will encourage students to enjoy an evening without having to worry about the usual stress of finding an outfit or date that accompanies school dances.

“I think the best part will be the students that show up, because an ASB event is nothing without the people that show up,” Chen said. “We can do our best to make it enjoyable, but really, in the end, the best part is seeing kids and students having fun with their friends and just enjoying their time on a Friday night.”