Athlete of the Month: Karly Hopper


Photo Courtesy of Karly Hopper

Hopper has been shooting goals on the soccer field since she was four years old.

Name: Karly Hopper

Grade: Sophomore

Sport: JV Soccer

Years Playing: 12


Achievements: “Last year, I won Top Dog for soccer, offensive player of the year and scored eight goals in the season. I have also been team captain for the past two years. Currently, this season I have scored ten goals.”

Favorite Moment: “My favorite sports memory is this year when our JV team won the Best of the West tournament. We all worked really hard, and I think our team came together and really connected. It was a super big achievement, and we were all really proud!”

Sports Inspiration: “I don’t really have an inspiration because I have been doing it so long that it just seems natural to me…I remember when I was really young and first starting out with soccer. I read a book about Mia Hamm, and that’s who first got me really passionate about the sport.”

Favorite Part about Sport: “I enjoy the team aspect the most because you become really close with the team, and I have been playing [soccer] for a really long time, and it is just the thing I am most passionate about.”

Balance and Time-Commitment: “You can’t always go out and stuff, and you can’t do things because of soccer, but I think it’s worth the time commitment….I think I just have a good system going. I know when I have practices, and I know when I have to get something done, so if I have to get something done I always do it before.”