Athlete of the Month: Wan Jo

Name: Wan Jo

Grade: Sophomore

Sport and Level: JV Boys’ Golf

Experience: “I’ve been playing golf my whole life. I’ve been playing golf since I was a baby. My parents bought me a set of clubs, and I started hitting golf balls and just followed my dad around whenever he goes golfing.”

Favorite Moment in a Game: “When I’m finishing up my round of golf and everyone is cheering for me, and of course meeting new people every time I golf!”

Why he plays his sport: “I play golf because it helps relax and relieve my stress, and it’s a good way for me to grow bigger as a person because I learn to respect the game.”

How he balances sport and school: “Time management is the key to balance out school and golf. I have a planner where I keep the number of days and hours I practice. So for instance, from Monday to Friday, I practice from 4-7, and I come home and study. But on the weekends I go out before sunrise and practice until the afternoon. I get home and study for a couple hours, and I come back at night and practice more.”