Best Multiplayer Gaming Apps to Play During Quarantine


Claudia Lin

In order to cure the recent boredom due to stay-at-home orders, many people have resorted to online gaming as a means for passing the time with loved ones. “Psych” is one of the most popular quarantine games. Its development dates back to 2015 when comedian Ellen DeGeneres designed the app.

Claudia Lin, Staff Writer

Although we cannot currently gather physically with friends and loved ones, this barrier can be overcome through the wide range of online gaming apps. Here are just a few multiplayer games that can be played in the comfort of your own home for both Android and Apple users.


This free multiplayer game is available for all devices through the App Store and Google Play. “Psych” will surely bring wholehearted laughter, smiles and even some competitive edge among the group. 

This game is famously known for its personal trivia feature. This function asks all participants random auto-generated questions about another player. These questions are usually formatted into fill-in-the-blank questions where players come up with creative answers pertaining to the person’s interests or personality. Some questions found in the game include “If ____ were arrested tomorrow, it would probably be for this,” or “What does ___ spend too much thinking about?” 

Players then choose their favorite answer and continue answering questions until the player with the most votes is declared the winner. 

“Psych” also offers a plethora of other different categories ranging from music to movies, allowing people of all ages and interests to participate. Players can answer real trivia questions about these topics and the goal is to create answers that will trick other players into choosing it. This game is the perfect way to bond with any family members or friends while also prompting some friendly competition. 


“Houseparty” is famously known as the go-to video chat app for younger generations. It also offers typical multiplayer games such as Pictionary, trivia and even word games for players who seek to build their knowledge during quarantine. 

This particular app offers a distinctive experience in that players are able to compete with each other face-to-face. Its multifaceted approach toward online gaming ensures a personal experience for anybody attempting to connect with others whether it be close friends or relatives. 


This multiplayer app makes the classic game of “UNO” easily accessible for people wanting a standard card game experience while social distancing. 

This game mimics the way regular “UNO” is played; however, players can invite their friends or family to enjoy the card game on any digital platform. While this game may not offer a personal experience comparable to that of “Houseparty” or “Psych,” its simplicity and easy access provides a straightforward form of entertainment for anybody who misses the classic card games.