Billie Eilish Releases Debut Album And It Is Everyone’s “Strange Addiction”


Photo Courtesy of Coachella Live Stream

Billie Eilish and Finneas O’Connell perform “when the party’s over” at Coachella, the first time this album was performed live for a crowd.

Giselle Villegas, Staff Writer

Billie Eilish’s debut album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” combines smooth beats and meaningful lyrics with songs such as “you should see me in a crown” and “bad guy.” Born and raised in Los Angeles, Eilish works with her brother, co-writer and producer, Finneas O’Connell, to produce music based off of her depression, anxiety and fear.

The album begins with a ten-second clip of Eilish having a fun-filled conversation with her brother about her Invisalign and then jumps straight into “bad guy.” This song is filled with playful beats and a slight rasp in her voice that creates an eeriness to match the lyrics.

Songs such as “xanny” and “listen before i go” talk about deep emotions such as her loneliness and depression, something Eilish addresses often.

Other songs depict her inner self confidence, such as “you should see me in a crown.” The song, based off  Sherlock Holmes’ villainous adversary, Jim Moriarty, contains lyrics in the pre-chorus such as, “I’m okay, I’m not your baby, if you think I’m pretty, you should see me in a crown,” which shows the confident, yet still demented side of Eilish. The beat speeds up at the chorus and slows down at the bridge and verses, making it a song that listeners can dance to.

Billie Eilish also includes “i love you” as the second to last song. “I love you” is a slow song written around an acoustic guitar and many harmonies, but with little beat so that it leaves a sad and heartbroken tone.

When the album came out, fans tweeted their love for the emotional song as it speaks about loving someone but not wanting to, something fans deeply resonated with.

The album closes with a song called “goodbye,” which is a smooth combination of all of the songs from the album, leaving listeners with a remembrance of each song. This album is perfect to listen to when you want to dance or when you want to sing your heart out.