Bulldogs Have Their First Senior Trip in Universal Studios

Two-thirds of the senior class visited Universal Studios Hollywood for their senior trip on Oct.13. Seniors who did not attend the trip were still required to attend independent study-hall at school.

Because of the pandemic, all seniors were required to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test to meet the Universal Studios COVID-19 safety protocols while following the same protocol they follow at school, such as wearing a mask on the bus.

The senior trip was an unique opportunity for seniors as the testing day fell on the minimum-day schedule, according to assistant principal Jennifer Ochsner.

“This year, we had a unique situation where nine to 11th graders are all testing,” Ochsner said. “There’s no classes happening, so we had an opportunity where seniors could go and do something together and have some fun and celebrate the fact that they are seniors and kind of keep up their senior year in a fun way.”

For some, the trip was a relaxing time away from the burdens of college applications and school work. Senior Thivinya Kobbekaduwa was one student who expressed relief from the workload.

“It was nice to have a day off to be able to hang out, ” Kobbekaduwa said. “It was a very nice feeling to be able to be outside and somewhere different from normal days because every day seems repetitive because of school and everything and college stress.”

Some staff also joined the trip to supervise seniors and help them follow COVID-19 protocols. Literary and language arts teacher Katherine Hooper emphasized the importance of bonding experience during the senior trip.

“I think sometimes it’s too easy for school to be just for academics,” Hooper said. “Having this type of bonding experience, especially as the senior class has had such an interesting four years here, is really important for kids. It gives you guys a chance to relax a little bit and spend time with each other in a social setting before you are going out into the world, separating and going on your ways.”