The Future of Disney: Coronavirus Update


Courtesy of Needpix

Amid the coronavirus concerns, many devoted fans have questioned if the Disney resorts will reopen before 2021.

Ava Caleca, Social Media and Marketing Team

Disney parks across the country have now been closed since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Disney Parks legacy has only closed two times prior to this, in dedication to John F. Kennedy after his assassination in 1963 and the 9/11 attacks. 

Annual passholders to the parks can either call a Disney Parks employee and receive a refund on their passport, or they can extend their passports. The refund would make it possible for guests to receive their money back for any payments made in March on their passes, as well as making April and possibly May free of charge. However, if guests opt for this selection, their passes will still expire at the time they are supposed to when they made their initial payment. 

The other option is guests can stop making payments on their passes for the present time; however, when parks reopen, employees will have to begin charging the account. In contrast to the previous option, this would extend the expiration date on a passport.

In addition, the coronavirus has affected many anticipated movie premieres. “Onward” premiered on Disney+ on March 6 for families to watch during quarantine. The movie was originally supposed to be released in theaters around the world before it was announced that all movie theaters would be closing. Despite the complications, the film made a global income of over $68 million, according to Variety. 

The live-action film “Mulan” was supposed to premiere on March 27 in theaters, but the movie has been postponed until July 24. 

The Disney parks website has also provided recipes for fan favorite food items to eat at the theme parks, such as the classic churros, beignets and dole whips. 

While Disney parks around the globe have not released a statement yet on opening dates, Disney has provided its consumers with entertainment for the whole family to enjoy, as well as answering any concerns in a clear and constructive manner.