Campaign Week Comes to Campus


Helena Hu

Presidential candidate and junior Anthony Lu speaks with junior Thomas Chen and sophomore Sandra Lu about why he wants to be president and his aspirations for ASB. Lu will be in the Election Convention on March 26 along with junior Mustafa Hassan.

Helena Hu, Centerspread Editor

“Hey Bulldogs!” was the common phrase around campus as prospective ASB members campaigned the week of March 11-15 in order to win the popular vote and secure a spot in the Election Convention. Each advisement chose two delegates for the Election Convention to represent their respective advisement and ultimately decide who will win based off of opening statements and a question-answer session with the candidates on March 26.

Many candidates are not currently in ASB and have stated in their speeches that they aim to create change in the campus culture. Elected positions are president, vice president, student representative, spirit and rally commissioners, boys’ and girls’ athletics commissioners, student activities coordinator, clubs commissioners and presidents and vice presidents of the four houses.

“I personally think the future of ASB is really bright. This year we have seen a huge step forward in some events like pep rallies, and I think as we get older, there’s a certain level of maturity that each ASB member brings,” ASB president and junior Jason Chen said. “I also think new students running for ASB keeps ASB more accountable; we as current ASB members are forced to slow down and evaluate what we’ve truly done to benefit the school this year.”

Out of the 63 total candidates running for an elected position, 35 were freshmen and sophomores, according to Chen.

“I think the underclassmen wanted to run because of how people in ASB this year made it look so fun, and being part of something would make my high school experience better,” clubs commissioner candidate and freshman Britney Vuong said.

Many candidates included slogans, costumes and props in their speeches and rallied around campus for support leading up to the primary vote.

“I included dressing up in my speech because it shows how willing I am to be outgoing and my personality; I’m a very goofy person who’s fun to be around but can also get serious when discussing the logistics,”  Hercules house president candidate and freshman Amitoj Singh said.