Caroling Spreads the Holly, Jolly Christmas Spirit


Julia Kim

Many members of Portola Singers enjoy the opportunity to practice harmonizing with each other, a skill that is crucial when singing in a bigger group.

Julia Kim, Co-Editor-In-Chief

In a mellifluous harmony of voices rings a familiar rhythm of festivity. As Portola Singers, the highest level of vocal students on campus, prepares for the holiday season, the talented vocalists have harmonized for almost two months to share their spirit with the community.

Every day, in third period, the Portola Singers have sight read carols, focusing on classic, well-known songs. In preparation for the caroling starting this week and next week, music teacher Adrian Rangel-Sanchez has also arranged all of the music to better play to the group’s strengths.

“Preparing for Christmas caroling is just like preparing for a concert,” junior Tabitha Bradley said. “You want to hit the right notes, the best facial expressions and body movement and have great dynamics. If it cracks just a small smile on someone’s face, that’s enough.”

The singers will be presenting a repertoire of famous Christmas classics such as “Jingle Bells,” “Deck the Halls” and “House on the Rooftop.” In addition to caroling at school, the group of talented students can be spotted at Cyprus Village on Dec. 14 and over winter break at Woodbury Town Center on Dec. 21.  

“I’ve actually never done it before; this is my first time caroling with a big group,” sophomore Raksha Rajeshmohan said. “I’m kinda just excited to see everyone’s reactions and how happy it makes them!”