Maya Sabbaghian

Students gather around chess boards at lunch to play chess with their friends.

Dylan Vanek, Opinions Editor

The chess club is up and running, and many students are excited about the new way that they can compete and have fun with their friends. Considering that many students have been showing great interest in chess lately, chess club president Derrick Peng decided he wanted to organize an event where many students could compete against each other during lunch on Thursdays. Students with various levels of ability show up to play chess right outside the student commons.

“I created the chess club to spread interest in the game, to give intellectual stimulation, and because I love chess,” Peng said.

Chess is not only for fun but also provides many health benefits. A study at the University of Nottingham showed that chess increases academic ability and improves students’ IQ.

“The chess club allows new players to learn the game effectively and efficiently,” freshman Mohammad Khalil states.

The chess club is planning to keep it casual and play during lunch. Joining the club does not mean you have attend competitions. It is just a way to have fun with friends while improving your intellectual ability at the same time. To learn more about joining the club, email [email protected]

“Right now we have 10 chess boards, and about 20 people come every Thursday to play,” Peng said. “By simple math, we could have over 80 kids playing chess every Thursday by the time [we] graduate, and we could be hosting and competing in tournaments.”