Choir Sings Out for Festival


Photo By Anthony Chan

Sophomores and freshmen sing together, accompanied by sophomore Nishad Francis at the piano. Choir entered its first festival and received the highest award from the judges.

Anthony Chan, Photo Editor

Middle and high schools around California joined together to perform in the Portola Visual Arts Theater at the Forum Festival on March 17. Choir performed for its first festival, singing three songs: “Wanting Memories,” “How Can I Keep from Singing” and “Oye.” From this performance, choir received the highest award from the judges.

Instruments complimented the choir, with sophomore Stephanie Zhang playing flute, sophomore Nishad Francis and freshman Solmi Park playing piano, sophomore Ali Elmalky playing the shaker, sophomore Yunseong Jung playing the agogô, sophomore Derrick Peng playing the bongos and freshman Sarina Iwai playing the cowbell.

“We thought it was very well managed,” parent John Bellotti from Calle Mayor Middle School said. “A lot of a talent. We enjoyed every moment of it.”

Each school had its time to show what each has practiced in the four-hour event. In the meantime, judges watched and scored each school on how well each performed.

“I was just so proud when we did the awards ceremony at the end, and they called our name, and we received our gold rating,” choir director Adrian Rangel-Sanchez said. “I can’t wait to see where we go next.”

At the end of all the performances, judges gave each school a rating depending on how well each performed. The possible awards are copper, bronze, silver or gold. Gold is the highest award a choir could receive.

Portola High received a gold award from the judges, with Francis going on stage as a representative to receive the award. In addition to awarding the choirs as a whole, the judges also awarded single members from each choir for outstanding citizenship, in which sophomore Liz Moerman won for Portola’s choir.

“We’ve done many performances beforehand, but this is our first really big one. I’m really glad that I got to do it with everyone,” Moerman said. “We have come together as one choir, and we are here to not only have fun, but to perform as a team.”