Chromebook-ing This Summer


Anthony Chan

While Portola provides students with Chromebooks throughout the school year, staff recommends students return Chromebooks at anytime throughout the year if it is not needed anymore or if students want to op-out, so it does not become a waste of resources.

Anthony Chan, Co-Photo Editor

After implementing the one-to-one Chromebook program for a semester, the staff decided to allow the option of students keeping their Chromebooks over summer break and into their future years at Portola until they graduate. As long as the student has signed the form that acknowledges the rules of carrying a school Chromebooks, in case they need it for summer school or other uses.

“Technology should no longer be the special icing on the cake. It should be just part of your life,” assistant principal Kris Linville said. “We don’t send you to a pencil lab; you have a pencil on you. We shouldn’t send you to a computer lab, you should have a computer on you.”

The staff aims for the point where students have access to technology in day-to-day life. The world today is evolving with technology, and Portola as a new school wants to be able to reach the demands of living and working in society. Supplying students with a Chromebook to use for their school and summer studies is part of Portola’s attempt to give students a chance to be accustomed to the technological demands of today and provide devices to students who would not otherwise have access.

“Teachers have asked to have Chromebooks available through the last day of school,” library and media specialist Pam Quiros said. “Students that maybe are taking summer school and want to use their Chromebook for that don’t have anything else to use or have something available for them.”

Even though Portola is allows students to keep their Chromebooks into the summer and for the following years, students have the option to opt-out. If students feel that they cannot keep the Chromebook in good condition or does not feel safe keeping it, then they should check in their Chromebook with the charger into the library before school ends.

“It’s really useful because you don’t have to bring your own laptop, which can be expensive or bulky,” sophomore Tianxin Guo said. “You can work on homework during random times like at lunch or downtime during class.”

The Chromebook provided by the school is small and portable, making it easier on the students to complete their work. Portola staff continues to make changes to its growing school population, such as implementing more technology, and it is up to the students to show how the changes are supporting their learning and engagement with their peers.