Digital Music Production Club Expands its Influence


Photo Courtesy of Goshan Sandal

The digital music production club worked on the Spirit of the Season concert on Dec. 12. Visual and performing arts teacher Adrian Rangel-Sanchez gave the team recordings of the concert on different mics, leaving the task of adjusting the volumes of the mics and recordings to the club.

Bia Shok, Staff Writer

Rhythmic music and addicting melody lines fill the room along with distinct sounds of fingers hitting laptop keyboards. During lunch every Monday and occasionally after school Wednesdays, students of different backgrounds gather for a common interest: making music.

Established this year, the digital music production club is composed of 10 individuals with a strong passion for creating music. The process of making a single song requires numerous elements, such as creating a melody line and adding percussive sounds, countermelodies and chords. The members of the club put primary focus on creating music that can balance a variety of instruments.

“We listen to each other’s music and give each other recommendations and tips,” club president and sophomore Jaden Path said. “In our meetings after school, we usually work together on creating a song or learning some new elements to creating music.”

However, music making is not the only primary skill club members specialize in. The club also engages in working for the school, as they were given the job during the Spirit of the Season choir concert in December 2019 to individually adjust the volumes produced from different microphones to make the outcome sound more balanced. Now, the club is looking to further expand its impact on campus.

“We want to create music so that maybe we could do background music for PNN or something on that level,” vice president and sophomore Goshan Sandal said. “We’ve already been able to mix and master the Spirit of the Season concert, and we will be selling their songs sometime. We will also be doing the upcoming choir concert, so we want to take it to the professional level.”

Members occasionally receive mentoring from professional musician and recording studio engineer Nathan Scott, through Instagram, but they mainly learn by interacting with each other.
Under their club adviser and visual and performing arts teacher Adrian Rangel-Sanchez, the producers of room 303 work to become better musicians as they share their love for music.

“I listen to music a ton, and it helps me get through my day,” Path said. “I use music in every aspect of my life whether I’m doing homework, exercising or just simply listening. I love music, and I don’t think that will ever go away. Music lets me express myself.”