Don’t Apologize for Getting in the Holiday Spirit Early

Many people have started celebrating the holidays earlier and earlier, getting in the festive spirit on Nov. 1 right after Halloween. Companies such as Kylie Cosmetics and Philosophy have already started having holiday sales and selling bundles on gifts, Christmas music is being played across the world, and even local spots such as the Irvine Spectrum have their ice skating rinks and Christmas trees assembled.

With students and families deeply stressed from school or work, the holiday season offers a great sense of relief and relaxation. 

Similar to Thanksgiving, families use the holidays as an opportunity to reunite with loved ones who live far away or whom they do not see often. Because these last couple months of the year feature many holidays, the prolongation of its celebration is appropriate. 

Many popular presents sell out fast in stores; the beginning of gift giving season can explain why shopping locations such as Fashion Island or the Irvine Spectrum have already decorated their properties. 

Getting excited or preparing for the holidays earlier can generate a feeling of joy or accomplishment when celebrated in November. According to Insider, researchers have found that positivity in the brain can be linked to images associated with the holidays. In addition, the same study has proven that people who decorate earlier for the holidays are more cheerful than those who do not. Classic holiday decorations, carols and traditions such as putting up a Christmas tree with family makes people feel nostalgic and can transport them to their childhoods once again. 

A study from the New York Times examines that a majority of over 20,000 people surveyed felt increased happiness during the holidays. In addition, the date showcases that Christmas day is the happiest day of the year by a large percentage. The holidays are a perfect example of an escape from a very stressful lifestyle, and celebrating earlier makes the season that much more merry.