Finding the Perfect Matcha Made in Heaven

The overlapping layers of crepe and green tea cream pleasantly coat the mouth with aromatic richness, leaving a bittersweet aftertaste.

Ki Joon Lee, Copy Editor

Matcha takes its origin in Japanese tea culture, but the delicious green powder has recently been integrated into many trending desserts and beverages, creating a media craze for its extraordinary taste and aesthetically pleasing green hue. According to TIME, studies have limitedly revealed health benefits of consuming matcha, including preventing cardiovascular diseases and encourage weight loss. These are some of the reasons attracting even more people to the green desserts.

Matcha maniacs all over the world explore endless dessert options. Today, we are reviewing three nearby matcha destinations.

Lady M Cake Boutique (Michelson Dr, Irvine)

The green tea mille crepe consists of over twenty thin layers of green tea cream and tops off with a layer of green tea powder. The matcha flavor is not overpowering, even slightly weak for some matcha lovers, but compliments the smooth crepe layers very well. The matcha powder is high-quality, shown by the small particle size, and intensely expresses the bittersweetness of green tea. The famous cake is recommended for all lovers of french treats with a delightful twist.

Okbingsul (Beach Blvd, Buena Park)

At this Korean dessert destination, you can experience bingsu, or Korean shaved ice, topped with green tea powder. The chilling milk shaved ice, matcha powder and savory ice cream create the perfect summer dessert. The matcha flavor is deep and authentic, and the matcha powder leaves an aromatic aftertaste.

Somisomi  (Irvine Spectrum)

This store, strategically located in the recreational hub of Irvine teens, allows all students to catch on to the matcha craze. Somisomi offers green tea ice cream on a fish-shaped cone, originally from Japan, along with a variety of toppings that customers can choose from. The soft matcha ice cream is smooth and creamy, with  a strong matcha flavor, while the unique cone and toppings add a customized variety of flavors.