Forthcoming Dance Breaks Records with 510 Attendees


Aneska Smith

With a bigger ASB budget, students enjoyed the open atmosphere outside of the Student Union. ASb brought in a larger DJ setup, with spotlights, light towers and an entire food truck.

Nicholas Hung, Staff Writer

For the first time, the Forthcoming dance on Oct. 6 took place outside of the Student Union, with an elaborate DJ stage, dance floor and photo booth set up in front of the 900 building. From 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., the quad was filled with 510 students, compared to last year’s attendance of 350, according to ASB clerk Alyssa Levensailor.

“We though the outside would give a bigger space and kind of make it a cooler, different vibe, where it doesn’t really seem like you’re at school,” ASB co-adviser Sarah Dean said.

Forthcoming is one of the largest events for ASB, as it starts off the entire year and is the first major spirit event for freshmen. It includes spirit week, the football game, halftime show and dance all in one week, and ASB prepared well in advance in anticipation of the large increase in students this year.

“We just tried a lot of new things this year for Forthcoming…triple the budget. We had food trucks for the first time, a DJ stage. I think to accommodate for more students, we’re able to do more elaborate things because we have a bigger budget,” Dean said.

Although the Bulldogs lost to the University High Trojans in the Forthcoming game on Oct. 5, the festive spirit of the Bulldogs carried over to the dance, where freshmen, sophomores and juniors all celebrated the team’s hard work.

“I feel like this year a lot of the juniors have become more excited, and because of that spirit, the freshmen have gotten excited. I feel like next year if we can keep this up it will just get everyone more excited about coming to Portola,” ASB president and junior Jason Chen.

The DJ stage stood behind four light towers the showered lights over the dance floor and high into the sky. All around the quad, spotlights washed the brick walls of Portola with blue light. Students crowded together and jumped to electronic music blasting from the large speakers.

“The dance was really fun because I got to hang out with my friends…The atmosphere was good, and it was really energetic because everyone was dancing and jumping together,” freshman Irene Lee said.

Students also lined up for group photos at the photo booth as well as complimentary tacos and churros paid for by ASB. The cool night air created a comfortable atmosphere for all activities, a welcome improvement from past dances held inside the Student Union, according to many incoming sophomores and juniors.