Get to Know your Freshmen Vice Presidents


Photo by Maya Sabbaghian

Sugita, Kim, Chung and Tabayoyong sport their tacky-tourist-themed outfits on the first day of Spirit Week.

Maya Sabbaghian

Freshmen elected their house vice presidents after watching a series of speeches in advisement on Sept. 12. The following candidates were elected:

Orion Vice President: Allyson Tabayoyong

Pegasus Vice President: Jun Kim

Hercules Vice President: Bret Sugita

Poseidon Vice President: Colin Chung

Tabayoyong has one younger sister and plays basketball and volleyball in her free time. She attended Jeffrey Trail Middle School.

“I think that ASB is cool because I am one of four freshmen, so I get to meet all the other sophomores during pep rallies or on stage, and we get to hang out with everybody,” Tabayoyong said.  

Kim enjoys playing water polo and video games. He attended Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA) middle school for acting.

“My favorite moments of freshman year so far has got to be the water polo games I have been to and the football games that I watched,” Kim said. “It just shows so much school spirit, and I really love it.“

Sugita has an older brother, who is a sophomore, and a twin sister, who is also a student at Portola High. He plays soccer and volleyball in his free time. Sugita also attended JTMS.

“Going to events for ASB is pretty fun, like going to the [Game of the Month] volleyball game,” Sugita said. “There is a lot more [participation], and it’s more active.”

Chung, who attended JTMS, likes to play baseball and basketball, hang out with his friends, and go to the movies.

“I have a sister who goes to Northwood; she is 16. We get along really well, though it’s just that sometimes we get into fights over dumb things, like who can get the last slice of pizza,” Chung said. “I’m looking forward to getting to know all of the other sophomores in the ASB class and also planning new fun events.”

Upcoming ASB-planned events include Spirit Week (Oct. 2- Oct. 6), the fall sports pep rally (Friday) and the Forthcoming Dance (Friday).