Get To Know Your President


Photo Courtesy of Anirudh Shyamsundar

Anthony Lu dresses up for spirit week.

Farhad Taraporevala, Co-News Editor

Have you met the President? Well, Anthony Lu, the head of ASB, is a funny and spirited guy. He participates in countless after-school activities and has a summer job at Camp Emerald Bay.

“I am hoping to run for president again [only] in senior year of high school in hopes of starting and finishing our high school experience,” Lu said.

Many people have different thoughts on why he is not running until senior year and how to interpret that.

“I think Anthony is the best one to answer that question,” English teacher Jeanne Jelnick said. “[However] I do know that he is also probably interested in giving other students the opportunity he has had in leadership.”

With Anthony not running for president, this opens the door for other students who may have lost to him last year.

“I think it would be good because I want to see what other people are like [as president],” freshman Jordan Maxwell said.

Portola High School’s president is a very active individual but seems to always find time to help his community and the people in need. Many people count on Anthony as not only a friend, but also as a problem solver.

“I am a Life Scout in Troop 606, I wrestle and play baseball, and I play the piano,” Lu said.

Anthony’s role in ASB is important and he may be taking a break to focus on other activities.
“I can be approached at any time by anyone with a question,” Lu said.