Girls Tennis Serves up First Home Win

Doubles partners Kaylee Seo and Kelly Zhang celebrate after scoring a point.

The girls tennis team defeated Sage Hill’s frosh-soph team 13-5 in one of its final home matches after school on Oct. 21. The victory marks the first home win of the team.

“I feel pretty satisfied with my results and the game because this match is our first home match ever won, and personally I won all three of my games, so I’m pretty happy,” freshman Allison Shi said.

The girls ended their afternoon tired but in high spirits after playing two matches and a tiebreaker game.

“I felt more confident after winning the first game. I definitely think our team improved overall. I’m very happy that I got to meet an amazing group of girls who I can always depend on whether I am having a good or bad day,” doubles player Kaylee Seo said.

Several parents and peers came to watch the game and support the team. Players from both teams remained focused in their matches while several students filmed and photographed the games. Throughout the matches, Portola continued to drive forward, pulling farther and farther ahead of Sage Hill as the game continued.

“This is very significant for our tennis team. This is our first home win, so it’s very historic in that it’ll be the first every frosh-soph home win for Portola, so it is a great day today,” tennis coach Natasha Schottland said. “I’m really happy. Good way to end a Friday.”