Girls’ Volleyball Set Back by Unexpected Loss


Maryam Shama

Sophomore Kamdyn Tenorio spikes the ball at the Trojans during the fourth period of the game.

Maryam Shama, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Girls’ volleyball (7-10) lost 1-3 against University High on Sept. 10 in the gym. Although the team lost the first two sets, the players were able to rally and win the third set, but ultimately lost the final set at the end of the game.

“Serving was still solid for the team and that allowed us to stay in the game for as long as we did, head coach Heidi Martasian said. “But we are a much more skilled team than we showed in the first two matches. Coming into the third set is one of the times where you can take a set from another team, and we needed to come in stronger.”

Despite the loss, the team worked well together throughout the game to protect and score. With the support of sophomore Naomi Luper’s sets, sophomore Kamdyn Tenorio’s spikes and junior Arielle Hightower’s blocks, the team was able to maintain a close score to the Trojans each set.

“[The highlights were] definitely all of Faith [De Neve]’s jumps that were successful; those are always awesome because she times them perfectly,” Tenorio said. “There were some really good saves running off the court to bring the ball back in, some great digs and a lot of great swings.”

Despite these highlights, Tenorio agrees with Martasian and is not very proud of her and the team’s performance throughout the game.

“It was rough; that one hurts. It doesn’t really feel so good,” Tenorio said. “Some losses it’s okay, you feel pretty good about how you played, but this one we definitely have a lot to work on.”

The team aims to do better in their next game against Northwood High and Martasian said she believes after a tough practice, the team will be prepared. Captain Alexandra (Lexi) Teats said the team is using the game as a learning experience to benefit or future games.

“As one of our first varsity league games ever the team was very nervous but I’m proud that we were able to play through it and even win a set. I do believe the defense and covering behind the blocks was where we struggled the most in that game due to Uni’s taller middle blockers,” Teats said. “Our offense scored many kills that game and I think we still have a great shot at becoming one of the top teams in our league.”